Mother is composed of two elements of wood and a third textile element. The third element, a felt roll, envelops the smaller wooden element and is placed in such a way that seems trapped within the cage-like larger element. Installed in direct contact with the floor of the exhibition space, the work conjures an array of impressions: the winding of the felt, suggesting tenderness, warmth, softness, on the one hand, and the range of sensations perceived by each visitor, on the other. Mother was acquired in 1993; it is one of two works by Gerardo Burmester belonging to the CGD Collection.

The exhibition, entitled Against Abstraction – Works of the Colecção Caixa Geral de Depósitos, co-organized between the Foundation Caixa Geral de Depósitos – Culturgest and the Ponte de Sor Council, is open at the Arts and Culture Centre of Ponte de Sor until October 27, 2018. The exhibition re-introduces the work to the public, after a restoration done in collaboration with the artist.

Gerardo Burmester
Wood and felt
41 x 228 x 39,3
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