JOGO CRUZADO 1 | Jim O’Rourke x Lois Patiño + Gemma Green-Hope x Surma | 7 JUN 2022
Culturgest, Canal180 and gnration are the co-producers of Jogo Cruzado, a new project to create original audiovisual works. Jogo Cruzado is like an invented discipline that oscillates between music and cinema. This game starts from two points: a film by a filmmaker will be given to a musician to make a soundtrack and, in parallel, a musical composition will be given to a visual artist to create, from there, a short film. This is the first Jogo Cruzado and these are the first two Crossings: Jim O'Rourke worked on a film by Lois Patiño, and Gemma Green-Hope made a film for a composition by Surma.