Rehearsals for a Poem

with Marina Nabais and Ana Coimbra Oliveira

Based on Marina Nabais’ next creation, A Noite, whose première is due to take place in November 2019, our aim in this workshop is to discover what parents and children think about relationships and family. How conflicts are created and how they are managed, coming back together, in particular how one can succeed in being with oneself in the presence (or even in the absence) of one’s partner.

Through a range of exercises and proposals for different movements, Marina Nabais will use dance to take us on a journey into the complex web of human relationships.

Original Idea: Ana Coimbra Oliveira, Marina Nabais
Coreography and artistic direction: Marina Nabais
Scientific direction: Ana Coimbra Oliveira
Book, texts: Ana Coimbra Oliveira
Executive production: Sara Santana
Production: Marina Nabais Dança – Associação Cultural

SAT 2 FEB 16:00

Room 6
Families 6€ /person
Duration 2 hours

Age guidance: +6 anos

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