Vacations Workshops and Laboratories

Every time the long awaited holidays finally arrive, so do Culturgest workshops and labs. Artists take the lid off their creative chests and share tricks, inspirations and techniques in a way that mixes learning and fun. These meetings take place during a week and each session goes on for three hours. There are workshops for everybody’s taste: from dance to theater, from music to visual arts.


Ana Nunes, Ana Teresa Magalhães, Bernardo de Almeida, Fernando Mota, Joana Ratão, Leonor Cabral, Nuno Bernardo, Patrícia Freire, Susana Alves and Tiago Cadete

Theatre- Leonor Cabral
6-8 years

Theatre- Tiago Cadete
9-12 years

08 — 12 APR

Registrations Open

Rooms 3 and 6

Single price 50€
Online registration until 48h before the beggining of the activities and subject to availability

Duration: 5 mornings or 5 afternoons

Extension of time available

Age guidance: 6-12 years

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