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Reading Solves: Álvaro Lapa and Literature
© Vera Marmelo.
© Vera Marmelo.


Guided tours built around the artist or the subject of the exhibition open at Culturgest are available to the general public.
These tours take place on saturdays and wednesdays and apply for prior marking, through telephone or e-mail.

Cadernos de Escritores (Writers’ Notebooks) is a series of paintings by Álvaro Lapa made between 1975 and 2005, a year before his death. Solved through reading underlines the constant cross-references that the artist promoted between painting and literature, stressing the idiosyncrasy of one of the most important projects in twentieth-century Portuguese art through the tributes that Lapa paid to major authors — Homer, Pessoa, Kafka, William Burroughs and Beckett — over a period of 30 years.

Taking the revolution of 25 April 1974 as its starting point, the chronological exhibition makes references to earlier works or creations related with the 21 names to whom the artist paid tribute in his “notebooks” — the paintings that evoke the hypothetical writers’ notebooks. 

18 JAN 2020
SAT 16:00

08 FEB 2020
SAT 16:00

12 FEB 2020
WED 13:00

11 MAR 2020
WED 13:00

28 MAR 2020
SAT 16:00

15 APR 2020
WED 13:00

18 APR 2020
SAT 16:00

Free entry on sundays


17 JAN SEX 22:00

Tuesday to Sunday

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