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Gabriela Albergaria

Guided tours built around the artist or the subject of the exhibition open at Culturgest are available to the general public.
These tours take place on saturdays and wednesdays and apply for prior marking, through telephone or e-mail.


Since the 1990s, the work of the artist Gabriela Albergaria (Vale de Cambra, 1965) has focused on understanding the acculturation of the landscape and nature through the migratory processes and globalisation that began in the fifteenth century. In the multiple typologies that she uses (sculpture, installation, works conceived for the public space, drawing and photography), the recording of
the transformations of the landscape through human activity, the modification of ecosystems through the importation of plant species
and the history of the domestication of nature, which lay behind the botanical gardens constructed in the eighteenth century, she has
been establishing a coherent and systematic body of work.

This exhibition maps the different moments of her journey, which, besides existing works, includes the conception of new projects, offering us an overview of her activity in the last 15 years. The starting point is the installation that the artist exhibited at the CCB, in 2005 (an enormous tree displaying a violent grafting process), passing through the works that she has produced in Germany, Chile, Brazil and the United Kingdom, where she now resides.

27 MAY 2020
WED 13:00

09 JUN 2020
TUE 16:00

17 JUN 2020
WED 13:00

01 JUL 2020
WED 13:00

11 JUL 2020
SAT 16:00

3€ Free entry on Sundays

15 MAY FRI 22:00

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