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The Necks

The Necks

The Necks

A commemorative concert. One that involves various commemorations. The most immediate and newsworthy celebration is the thirtieth anniversary of the career of the Necks. A long life in the world of music, in which jazz has always been the mainstay of their creativity, an attitude that has guided the inspirational vein of Tony Buck, Chris Abrahams and Lloyd Swanton. While their attitude and capacity to listen comes from jazz, their remaining roots have spread far and wide: there is erudite rigour in their playing, a salute to rituals, a search for minimalism, sometimes the exhumation of the energy of krautrock, and always a constant desire to experiment and take risks in new directions.

Accustomed to modifying the genetics of their music, the Necks surprise us because they want to surprise themselves. We remember how this trio works: zero rehearsals, preparations or discussions, with no plan at all before they come onto the stage and begin playing. And they have been doing this brilliantly for 30 years. Each session is different, the fruit of all the magic that can influence the muses of the three Australians. Their discography shows this quite clearly: twenty masterful and faultless albums that portray some of these moments as if they were sound photographs of a life filled with exciting adventures.

This night will take the form of a double concert, presenting the audience with two pieces that complete their curriculum. We will applaud and thank them with great enthusiasm.

16 MAY 2019
THU 21:00

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Emílio Rui Vilar Auditorium
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Duration 1h40 with intermission


Chris Abrahams


Lloyd Swanton

Drums, percussion

Tony Buck

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