Curator: Natxo Checa

At some point in the mid-1990s, thematic exhibitions gained a bad reputation. Following the widespread rejection of anything that could indicate a work of art being used as an instrument – for example, turning it into an illustration of a concept – thematic exhibitions have come under strong suspicion and have only recently shown signs of their healthy return. The new exhibition series that Culturgest and Fidelidade Art are proposing, will bring to the public in Lisboa and Porto a set of nine collective exhibitions created by many national curators. The focus will be on its particular interests in the field of art, but also on the broader field of material culture. By joining art objects with other significant artefacts, each of these exhibitions will bear witness to an area of investigation in the form of the coexistence of pieces from different origins, ages, and status.

© atrib. François Chauveau, second half of 17th century.

14 NOV 2022
– 20 JAN 2023

11 FEB
– 14 MAY 2023

Fidelidade Arte Lisboa e Culturgest Porto
Free Entry

11 AM – 7 PM


Fidelidade Arte
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