Culturgest has a bookshop that specializes in contemporary art. Among the many titles available, there is an extensive catalogue of Culturgest editions mostly related to artists and exhibitions presented. The bookshop also offers a selection of artists’ writings and interviews, and a wide range of essays on art focusing mainly on History and Theory of Art. As an extension of the exhibition programme, the bookshop is opened only when there are exhibitions.

Tuesday to Sunday 13:00–18:00
Opened only when there are exhibitions.

Edifício-sede da
Caixa Geral de Depósitos
Rua Arco do Cego, 50
1000–300 Lisbon
Tel. (+351) 21 790 51 55

New at the Bookshop

What Álvaro Lapa meant when he coined the phrase Reading solves [Lendo resolve-se] has perhaps never been as relevant as it is today. A recipe for body or soul’s small and great evils, Lapa's phrase recalls something that we took for granted at least since the beginning of the scientific revolution: that the solution to our common challenges is mostly dependent on the critical work induced by reading. We have no way of knowing what Lapa would have to say about the present-day fake news, the increasing relativism of truth or the most recent trends of literature; however, while we wait for the launch of this exhibition’s catalogue, we can get hold of some of his favourite literary works by going through our bookshop’s selection. Alongside these works, books and texts about him, or of his own creation, form a safe vehicle to learn the critical support behind one of the most singular bodies of work of Portuguese contemporary art.

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