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Mental Storm | The Revolution

A unique and interactive experience where young people from all backgrounds come together to immerse themselves in the concept of revolution. In a captivating debate, the roots, events, and consequences of the revolution are examined: the historical one which shaped Portugal and inspired the world, and the one that we can carry out every day.

Moderated by an unprecedented multimedia script, without the presence of adults, this generation gains a voice.

Come be part of this exciting journey to the memories and legacies of April 25, 1974, while participating in validating its importance in a world in constant (r)evolution. Join thinkers as you uncover the past and present, paving the way for in-depth discussions about how revolution shapes the future. Participate with your narrative, leaving a seed of unforgettable revolution in those who participate.


Script development and operation in real time:

Joana Franco, Maria José Mira, Nuno Figueira, Hélder Castro, Raquel Ribeiro dos Santos

24 APR 2024
WED 4:30pm

Small Auditorium

Free admission*

Exclusively for 15 to 18-year-olds

*pick up ticket 30 mins before (subject to room capacity)


50 anos 25 abril
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