© Patrícia Blázquez
© Patrícia Blázquez
© Patrícia Blázquez
© Patrícia Blázquez

Artistic Residencies for Students

with Hotel Europa, Marina Nabais, Nuno Bernardo, Patrícia Freire and Susana Alves

RADAR is an annual programme that promotes regular encounters between guest artists invited by Culturgest and school groups. It is intended to enhance the relationship of schools with contemporary art, following a logic of gradually bringing students closer to art works and making their interest in them more permanent.

Each of the guest artists brings with them different proposals for work, based on their individual interests and their artistic paths to date. The method and the results of these artistic residencies will vary and they will naturally be influenced by the way in which each group becomes involved in, and takes ownership of, the artistic proposal.

The programme focuses on contemporary art, but also seeks to bring us closer to the school world, with some specific aims in mind: to respond to the challenges of education without resorting to school textbooks, to share with teachers the possibility of expanding the students’ universe into other spheres of thought and to reinforce the role that cultural centres play in the life of a community.

15 OCT 2018 – 31 MAY 2019

Biweekly program, calendar to be announced

Single price 15€

Age guidance: 6–18 years

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