Ana Santos

Ana Santos

Ana Santos

Curator: Bruno Marchand

In recent years, the work of Ana Santos met with a significant inflection: following previous pieces that were virtuoso textured exercises combining objects and poor materials mainly found and recontextualized, Santos started using industrial elements such as tubing, conduits, exhaust pipes and similar parts that require a careful conception and gradual planning. Likewise, her early, somewhat liturgical pieces imbued of evocative power gave way to self-asserted bodies – cryptic crossbred entities that retain a capacity to find completeness through the prosthetic accord of the parts. This exhibition is a journey through Santos’s recent output, though searching her previous work for glimpses of what was to come.

© Roberto Ruíz. Ana Santos. Sem título (2019).

20 MAY
– 10 SEP 2023

Galeria 1

INAUGURAÇÃO (entrada gratuita)
19 MAI 22:00 - 00:00

TER-DOM 11:00 - 18:00

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