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Maria Reis

Maria Reis

Benefit of the Doubt

Maria Reis

Benefit of the Doubt

It seems like a lifetime ago since Maria Reis last visited Culturgest, at the start of 2020. In retrospect, it was a sort of farewell party for a captivated audience, where we celebrated intensely every emotion with her album Chove na Sala, Água nos Olhos well before we shut ourselves off in our cocoons due to a pandemic. If, in the middle of our reclusion, A Flor da Urtiga showed us a short album with great Pop pearls produced by Panda Bear, it is while exiting this long period of seclusion that we realise what Maria Reis has been searching for incessantly. From her days of solitude, she discovered the viola campaniça, the power of being alone with other instruments, and the power of writing ever sharper songs which increasingly reveal a unique voice in the Portuguese music scene. Maria Reis sings about herself, about her infinite world, with honesty on her lips and unparalleled controlled fury, carrying with a smile on her face the supreme authority of being able to represent an entire generation.

Maria Reis | Benefício da Dúvida
© Beatriz Blasi.

25 MAY 2022
WED 21:00

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Emílio Rui Vilar Auditorium

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Antena 3Rádio Futura

Voice, Acoustic Guitar and Viola Braguesa

Maria Reis 

Voice and Tambourine

Júlia Reis 


Arianna Casellas 
Ela Li 
Leonor Arnaut 

Light Design

Joana Mário

Sound Design

Leonardo Bindilatti

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