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Bruno Pernadas [sold out]

Bruno Pernadas [sold out]

How Can We Be Joyful in a World Full of Knowledge?

Bruno Pernadas [sold out]

How Can We Be Joyful in a World Full of Knowledge?

On the penultimate day of 2013, right at the dawn of the year, Bruno Pernadas would reveal Ahhhhh!, the single that announced his first solo album. Few titles express so perfectly the feeling we all had: “ahhhhh” of surprise, awe, astonishment, or perplexity. It was an almost nine-minute masterpiece that burst through like a meteor and that proclaimed not only an album, but a career and countless feats that we would only understand later. Joyful, as it was affectionately shortened, would be released in March of the following year and would end up bringing what we now know: a versatile and inspired composer, who in a decade put his music in films, theatre, dance, in a handful of records, and on many stages around this world.

Celebrating the occasion a decade later, Bruno Pernadas brings us Joyful in its entirety, plus a debut visual work made from archive material never shown live. Ten years later, we will exclaim “ahhhhh” again and feel everything that made us believe in the eternity of this music.

© Diana Mendes.

01 MAR 2024
FRI 21:00

Sold out
Emílio Rui Vilar Auditorium
16€ (discounts)


Antena 3Rádio Futura

Guitar, keyboards, sampler, vocals

Bruno Pernadas

Guitar, keyboards, sampler, vocals

Bruno Pernadas

Eletric bass

Nuno Lucas

Keyboards, vocals

Margarida Campelo

Guitar, vocals

Francisca Cortesão

Guitar, vocals

Afonso Cabral

Saxophones, Flute

João Capinha

Tenor saxophone

Raimundo Semedo


Jéssica Pina

Sound technician

Tiago de Sousa


João Quintela


Marina Reino


Diana Mendes, Bruno Pernadas

Original collage

Rita Sousa, Bruno Pernadas

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