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Carlos "Zingaro"

Carlos "Zingaro"

Carlos "Zingaro"

He led the way, before all others, in pioneering many of the new territories that the Portuguese arts were sowing in the 1960s and 1970s. Towards the end of his teenage years, in the 1960s, having received everything that his school had to offer his violin learning, Carlos “Zingaro” formed the band Plexus, where rock met free jazz and contemporary music in daring convictions that were well ahead of their time. Perhaps because of that he became a crucial musician in the preparation for the April revolution, as he drew closer to the theatre not only as a composer but also as a set and costume designer. In the late 1970s, his improvisation assimilated new studies and experiences, making him appear as a key figure in the light of European free jazz ever since. Similarly, in the visual arts, “Zingaro” was restless, and left his distinctive and dreamlike mark on painting, illustration and cartooning.

An applauded career, obviously impossible to summarise, but which director Inês Oliveira’s keen eye transformed into a miraculous and unmissable film, A Escuta, which will premiere in the 2022 edition of IndieLisboa. In a partnership with the festival, we invite you to embark on this double journey, on screen followed by a concert, first looking back at the past and then turning to the present, from an intimate space to a public act.

IndieMusic 2022 | Trailer | A Escuta
© Frame do filme “A Escuta”, de Inês Oliveira.

30 APR 2022
SAT 20:00

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Main hall of the CGD Headquarters
Concert Ticket 6€ 
Film and concert 8€

Duração concerto 40 min




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Carlos "Zingaro"

David Alves

Alvaro Rosso 

Ulrich Mitzlaff 

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