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Catamaran, In The Salomon Islands No One Cares About Misspellings

Ana Lázaro and Ricardo Neves-Neves
© Alípio Padilha.
© Alípio Padilha.
© Alípio Padilha.
© Eduardo Breda.

Growing up can be so complicated! Especially when the world seems to be turning so fast that suddenly the things around us begin to shrink, while our body becomes very big. It’s even worse when we spend our lives stumbling over words and our head insists on playing tricks with us and switching the place of syllables, or moving letters from one side to another like a carousel. All words become a real puzzle. It’s just that when we change the place of letters, then the words can end up meaning something completely different. And if we say words in the wrong place… then that’s when everything goes pear-shaped and we can end up really upsetting someone!

We can even find ourselves saying something that we didn’t mean to say and end up with a word stuck in our throat, choking us like a fish bone. A fish such as salmon, that, as it happens, is also a colour. And which, as a word, is very similar to Solomon, which is also the name of some incredible islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where it is always summer, where there are gigantic exotic insects and probably no one cares about spelling mistakes!


24 NOV 2018
SAT 16:00

25 NOV 2018
SUN 11:00, 16:00

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Small Auditorium and Live streaming
Duration 60 minutes

Age guidance: +8 years

Relaxed Sessions

Sessões Descontraídas


Ana Lázaro


Ricardo Neves-Neves


Susana Madeira, Vítor Oliveira


Ângela Rocha

Cenography assistant

Tiago Santos


Rafaela Mapril

Music and sonoplasty

Sérgio Delgado

Light design

Pedro Domingos

Video animation

TEMPER Creative Agency

Direction assistants

Raquel Mendes with Cristiana Simões, Diana Matias, Solange Brás

Promotional video

Eduardo Breda


Inês Minor

Production, comunication

Mafalda Simões


Culturgest, Cine-Teatro Louletano, Teatro do Eléctrico

Relaxed Sessions

Sessões destinadas a indivíduos ou famílias que beneficiam de um ambiente mais descontraído num espaço cultural (pessoas com défice de atenção, deficiência intelectual, condições do espectro autista, deficiências sensoriais, sociais ou de comunicação).

Catamaran, In The Salomon Islands No One Cares About Misspellings
Catamaran, In The Salomon Islands No One Cares About Misspellings
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