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Cinanima Internacional Animation Film Festival

Cine-Concert Fernando Mota
© Susana Paiva.

Phenakistiscope, better known as Phantascope, was the first animation device that created the illusion of motion. The device consisted of a round cardboard disc displaying 16 sequential illustrations, which turned into a short animated film when spun. The musicians Fernando Mota and Rui Rebelo were inspired by the films in those cardboards to improvise a soundtrack from instruments made with objects and toys.

CINANIMA is the oldest animated film festival in Portugal and has been taking place since 1976. Each year, Culturgest presents a selection of the award-winning films chosen by the Festival’s organizers from among those presented by both national and international contestants. Just as last year, there will be two different sessions: in the afternoon, a live music film session for families with the musicians Fernando Mota and Rui Rebelo and the customary screening of the award-winning films for an wider audience at evening.


07 DEC 2019
SAT 16:00

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Main auditorium
Single price 5€
Duration 60 min


Nascente – Cooperativa de Ação Cultural e Câmara Municipal de Espinho


Fernando Mota

Fernando Mota na Casa da Cerca
Fernando Mota na Casa da Cerca
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