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Guided Tours — Steve Paxton

Drafting Interior Techniques
© Vera Marmelo.

Guided tours built around the artist or the subject of the exhibition open at Culturgest are available to the general public.
These tours take place on saturdays and wednesdays and apply for prior marking, through telephone or e-mail.
The cost is the value of the entry in the exhibition  (4€ discounts).

Drafting Interior Techniques is the first retrospective look taken at his work and legacy. It is built around one of Steve’s obsessive questions: what is my body doing when I am not conscious of it? This question is a mantra through the exhibition, which offers the visitors to wander into the dancer’s workshop, not only to see dance, but to look at movement with the eyes of a dancer.


27 APR 2019
SAT 17:00

08 MAY 2019
WED 13:00

18 MAY 2019
SAT 17:00

01 JUN 2019
SAT 17:00

05 JUN 2019
WED 13:00

13 JUL 2019
SAT 17:00

4€ (discounts)


27 APR, 8 MAY, 1 JUN
WITH Ana Gonçalves
13 JUL
WITH Patrícia Gonçalves


8 MAY and 5 JUN
WITH Ana Gonçalves


Guided tour in portuguese Information and reservations
Tel. +351 21 761 90 78

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