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Gabriela Albergaria

Nature Abhors a Straight Line

Gabriela Albergaria

Nature Abhors a Straight Line

Curator: Delfim Sardo

Gabriela Albergaria's first anthological exhibition follows closely the many chapters of her journey and reflects on her activity over the last 16 years. Bringing together works produced in Germany, Colombia, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Belgium, this exhibition is a chance to see or to revisit significant pieces of the artist's body of work, as is, for instance, the installation she created at CCB in 2005 – a massive tree that has been subject to a potent grafting process –, but also to view a set of works presented here for the first time.

The assimilation effects of landscape and nature that happened due to migration movements and globalization have been at the centre of Gabriela Albergaria's attention since the 1990s. Her sculptures, installations, photographs or drawings, embody the artist’s systematic reflection on subjects, such as, the influence of human action in landscape transformation, the modification of ecosystems as a result of the introduction of non-native plant species or the history of the taming of nature as recorded in the creation of 18th century botanical gardens.

Throughout her work, Gabriela Albergaria’s creations have always been depicted in such a way that translates her aim to reveal the historical and perceptual practices inherent to the appropriation and manipulation of the plant world made by Man over the centuries. This exhibition is part of the Lisbon Capital Verde programme.

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– 27 JUN 2021

Free entry on Sundays until 2PM

TUE to SUN 11:00 – 18:00

Galleries are limited to 20 visitors simultaneous + info here


SAT 10:00 17 APR, 8, 29 MAY, 19 JUN

WED 18:00 12 MAY, 9 JUN

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Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, following ACT - Art, Climate, Transition project

ACT Art Climate Transition

Bruno Marchand

Delfim Sardo

Mário Valente

Sílvia Gomes
Fernando Teixeira

Pedro Canoilas
Pedro Palma
Xavier Ovídio
João Nora
João Cerdeira
Fabrício Soares
Michael Bennett

O nosso agradecimento especial às instituições e coleções particulares que cederam obras e permitiram a realização desta exposição:

Coleção Figueiredo Ribeiro – Quartel da Arte Contemporânea de Abrantes
Galeria Vera Cortês, Lisboa
Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo
Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Elvas – Coleção António Cachola
Sapar Contemporary, Nova Iorque

Com o apoio da Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

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