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Commissioner: Pedro Costa

The forms and patterns may appear to be those of jazz and rock, but the music of the Norwegian band Huntsville defies any attempts at classification, seemingly adopting the vocabulary of country & western and the metric patterns of Indian ragas, while combining such instruments as a banjo and a pedal steel guitar with a tabla machine and a shruti box. Their music is freely improvised, but almost everything they play has a structure, sustaining its rhythm through the repetition of motifs, with apparently static movements being awakened by the constant emergence of a profusion of small elements.

12 JAN 2018
FRI 21:30

Small Auditorium and Live streaming
Single price 6€
Duration 1 hour

Guitarras, banjo, pedal steel guita

Ivar Grydeland 

Baixo elétrico, contrabaixo, caixa de ritmo 

Tonny Kluften 

Percussão, caixa sruti, tabla machine, drone commander 

Ingar Zach 


The Sound Wiz

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