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João Barradas Home

João Barradas Home

João Barradas Home

The beat comes from rock and the dance floor, the melody could be taken from a pop song, and the harmonic constructions have elements from both classical and traditional Portuguese music, but the format is that of electric jazz, played with a quite uncommon line-up: a MIDI accordion that sounds like a Fender Rhodes, a MiniMoog, two guitars, a vibraphone, a bass and drums. Barradas’ composition for the sextet is meticulous, leaving room for improvisation, but always placing emphasis on the group as a whole. Home’s syncopated, bouncy and restless music leaves us on the very edge of our seats.

João Barradas "Home" - I'm Going Away For A While, Don't Try And Follow Me
João Barradas "Home" - Culturgest, Festa do Avante, Casa da Música, Festa do Jazz
© Pedro Pina (Antena 2).

02 FEB 2018
FRI 21:30

Small Auditorium and Live streaming
Single price 6€
Duration 1 hour


João Barradas


Mané Fernandes, Gonçalo Neto


Eduardo Cardinho


Ricardo Marques


Guilherme Melo

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