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Luís Severo

Luís Severo

Cedo ou Tarde

Luís Severo

Cedo ou Tarde

In 2019, Luís Severo gave us O Sol Voltou, a luminous album received in the press and by the public as is fit to the king of stars. Severo himself produced and recorded the album, and played all the instruments. O Sol Voltou was an (in)voluntary act of solitude meant as a generous gesture towards all of us, and it led to sold-out venues and entries on best-of-the-year lists.

With his new album Cedo ou Tarde, Severo regains the company and comfort of family and musician friends, and armed with strength he looks at a world split between opposites, where we’re forced to live with the pervasive feeling of an impending apocalypse. Amidst a reality at a tug of war, Luís Severo gives us a grown-up, political album – a collection of songs that find hope while warning us not to forget that with our rights comes power we should use. For his first time on our stage, Severo prepared a set design made of opposites, wavering between morning and night in a chiaroscuro that both alerts us and lulls us with the promise of collective rebirth.

© Catarina Branco.

14 DEC 2023
THU 21:00

16 DEC 2023
SAT 19:00

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Voice, piano, guitar

Luís Severo 

Voice, piano, synthesisers

Catarina Branco 


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Bernardo Álvares


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