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Luís Trindade e Pedro Félix - Modern Mediations

An anthropologist and a historian talk about the Invisible Exhibition, seeking to understand in what ways artistic production can influence the construction of History and how these two disciplines are related.

Luís Trindade, a historian, and Pedro Félix, an anthropologist and researcher at the Institute of Ethnomusicology – Centre for Music and Dance Studies at NOVA University of Lisbon (FCSH), as well as the coordinator of the National Sound Archive, explain to us how sound and the visual arts are related with time, which is the working material of historians.

Mediações Modernas (Modern Mediations) is a research programme, developed by the Institute of Contemporary History of NOVA University of Lisbon.

01 OCT 2020
THU 18:30

Small Auditorium
Free entry*
Duration 2h

*Prior booking available. Free entry (subject to availability), tickets available on the day from 18:00 at the ticket-office.

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Luís Trindade


Instituto de História Contemporânea da Universidade Nova de Lisboa

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