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Requiem For Empathy


Requiem For Empathy

Moullinex - Running in The Dark (ft. GPU Panic) [Official Video]

Can a dance floor change the world? For Moullinex, it is “an element that is capable of changing societies”. After a year when relations have largely been shifted to a digital level, Luís Clara Gomes joins science and art together in order to create empathy between people who do not know one another, never ceasing to feel the force of gravity pulling his feet down towards the ground and thus issuing the invitation to dance in its most varied movements and forms. As he says, “although we live in an increasingly digital society, we still really need things like the presence of human beings together with one another in the same room, creating empathy."

For his fourth album, Requiem For Empathy – which includes collaborations with Sara Tavares, Selma Uamusse and Afonso Cabral, among others – Moullinex created an experimental laboratory, together with musicians, neuroscientists and psychologists, in order to understand how this empathy can be measured between strangers or how an artist can contribute to its development. Moullinex directs his sound laboratory by looking towards the heart of the dance floor, also offering us refuges for contemplation, which is more digital and synthetic, but not, for this reason, any less muscular and emotional. Guiding us are songs and voices that explore the limits of the pop world, bringing stars that an implicit mirror ball will release into the Culturgest sky, by now transfigured into a vibrant planetarium, accompanied by a visual translation, with real-time video, of the emotions that will be present on stage.

© Ed Rocha Gonçalves.

04 JUN 2021
FRI 21:00

05 JUN 2021
SAT 21:00

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Luís Clara Gomes aka Moullinex

Guilherme Tomé Ribeiro

Guilherme Salgueiro

Diogo Sousa

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