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Anticipation of new record


Anticipation of new record

The date when Norberto Lobo’s next solo album is due for release will mark 15 years since his recording debut. Ever since Mudar de Bina, we have grown used to accompanying the evolution of his works at concerts that have revealed the material from future albums while simultaneously reworking the material that he has already given us. There is no moment when his music becomes crystallised in live performances because we know that a free mind could only give rise to restless music that is undergoing permanent transformation. With the pandemic interrupting the natural cycle of things, Norberto Lobo has been writing music, alone and accompanied, which has remained confined, locked away from the outside world. We could perhaps all wait for the spring, but the harsh reality is that we have never waited so long for an album by Norberto Lobo. In this première at Culturgest, we will be able to anticipate the colours and forms of the first flowers that will bloom and create the landscape that awaits us, and this is a moment that will never be repeated.

© Vera Marmelo.

30 NOV 2021
TUE 21:00

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Emílio Rui Vilar Auditorium
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Duration 60 min


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Norberto Lobo

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