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Panda Bear

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Noah Lennox confesses that Buoys represents a new direction in his music, the start of something new. Behind it, tidily arranged in a kind of trilogy and each celebrated in their own way, PersonPitch, Tomboy and Grim Reaper have placed the name Panda Bear on the pedestal of another and different kind of pop music and succeeded in making its own musical value equivalent to that of his experimental band Animal Collective. Where will Panda Bear’s new path now take him? Perhaps throwing off the shackles of the kaleidoscope of sounds that he and his group have so brilliantly created. Buoys gives us simpler, more hard-hitting songs, supported by the circular sounds of his acoustic guitar and certainly much closer to the ideas that lay at the origin of his writing. We can imagine a production process concerned with maintaining the raw and powerful energy of the songs instead of taking them elsewhere. Because Lennox also wanted to communicate inside his own world, with his children, adopting a contemporary and direct language, consequently making himself more universal, emotional and human.

Panda Bear sought to start everything all over again, but this bold move hasn’t prevented him from giving us a handful of perfect and unique songs that we could only expect to hear from him.

24 APR 2019
WED 21:00

Registration Closed
Main Auditorium
18€ (discounts)

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Panda Bear


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Panda Bear - Buoys (Promo)
Panda Bear - Buoys (Promo)
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