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Reading Marathon

Reading Marathon

Ler em coletivo

Reading Marathon

Ler em coletivo

A marathon is a synonym for athletic stamina or prolonged activity. Our marathon promises to be a lighter affair, as it consists of just books and reading. All around Culturgest, people will read aloud for three hours – poetry, fiction, essays, literature for all ages. The audience can choose to just listen, but they can also take part as speakers, by enrolling previously. A Saturday afternoon for all the family, open to anyone who wants to give a voice (or gesture) to the right words.

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14 DEC 2019
SAT 15:00–18:00

Several spaces at Culturgest
Free entrance
Duration 3h

Coletivo de conceção da Maratona

Antónia Honrado

Bruno Castro

Daniel Gamito Marques

Inês Bernardo

José Luís Almeida

Simone Andrade

Tânia Ramos

ENTRAR (grupo de jovens da Culturgest)

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