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Mental Maelstrom

© Patrícia Blazquez.

An assembly of young people come together in a room. Without any adults. And on the stage, there is no one to teach them. On the screen, they can see themselves projected. On the air is the possibility both of being online and of being there physically. The contents of their mobile phones are projected onto a giant screen. The camera and its flash do so much more than just record the moment. For an hour and a half, they reflect about and discuss the future. Everyone’s future. They’re on their own. A genuine mental maelstrom.

Mental tempest is a cycle of conferences associated with Culturgest’s programme. The events, directed to a young public ranging from 14 to 18 years old, will happen once a month always with a different subject. The youngsters will be able to choose which sessions they wish to attend: just one, several or all. It is their choice.


09 JAN 2019
WED 17:00

Small Auditorium and Live streaming
Free entry*
Duration 90 minutes

* Free entry, tickets available on the day from 4:30pm at the ticket-office

Age guidance: 14 to 18 years


Hélder Castro, João Belo, Maria José Mira, Nuno Figueira, Raquel Ribeiro dos Santos

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