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Sensible Soccers


Sensible Soccers

The job of tying up some loose ends, trying to work out what the future holds in store, provided us with some truly pleasurable moments in 2018. The few concert appearances that the Sensible Soccers made last year meant that something was being cooked up, arousing our curiosity and demanding our future attention.
Especially because, throughout 2018, certain rumours kept coming out of Vila do Conde, bringing with them news that might lead us to suppose that changes were taking place in the band’s line-up. Which did, in fact, happen, without, however, compromising the aspirations of Sensible Soccers as a group. In view of the changes, they decided to embark on a new phase, accepting these alterations to their creative force and readily facing up to the challenge of finding a different formation. This was the background against which Hugo Gomes and Manuel Justo invited André Simão to join them in taking over the helm, recruiting musicians to collaborate with them in expanding their ideas. And there were lots of ideas, so many that they catapulted the Sensible Soccers into returning much more quickly than we expected, with a new album that honours their glorious past filled with their distinctive viral groove and sublime environmental aesthetics, while, at the same time, promising a whole new life for the band.

© João Pedro Almeida.

03 APR 2019
WED 21:00

Emílio Rui Vilar Auditorium
12€ (descontos)  


André Simão

KEYBOARD, PRogramming

Hugo Gomes

PErcussion instruments

Jorge Carvalho


Manuel Justo


Sérgio Freitas

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