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Sonic Boom

All Things Being Equal
© Ian Witchell.

Over the last few decades, we have had the privilege of accompanying the different lives of Pete Kember, whether through his Spectrum or Experimental Audio Research projects, his collaborations with Stereolab or his involvement in the production of albums by Panda Bear or MGMT, for example. But we have had to wait 30 years to once again be able to capture new broadcasts from his galaxy Sonic Boom, the name with which he was baptised in his band Spacemen 3, and which ended up becoming his best-known identity. The new songs that have followed on from his 1989 Spectrum band began to be written in 2015, on the eve of his move from England to Sintra, where he still lives today, and they bring us everything that we need in 2020: optimism, hope and comfort, like a fresh breeze of nature that calms us and prepares us to face the future. For the most expanded minds, the songs of All things being equal also function as a spaceship that transports us through the cosmos, on a voyage of multi-coloured escapism, far from the world on pause in which we now live.


17 SEP 2020
THU 21:00

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Sonic Boom


Sonic Boom, Nuno Jardim


Pedro Rompante


Sonic Boom - "Things Like This (A Little Bit Deeper)" (Official Music Video)
Sonic Boom - "Things Like This (A Little Bit Deeper)" (Official Music Video)
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