Stefan Kaegi / Rimini Protokoll

Conference of the Absentees
© Tanja Dorendorf.

Imagine a conference to which nobody flies. A performance at which the invited leading scientists do not appear physically, but are each represented by one local person. At the beginning of the performance, the local performers step into a classical conference setting on a theatre stage, open their script and the show begins.

The Conference of Absentees workshop is part of a project by Rimini Protokoll, who are currently researching into cooperation in times of global crisis. Telepresence can lead to a kind of political and social process in which the rules of representation are changed. But here everything takes place locally and offline, with the help of the theatre: it is the invention of teleperformance. Instead of the aesthetics of PowerPoint presentations, teleperformance uses the sensory and tactile medium of theatre. A workshop about co-authorship and ghost-writing, but also about the game of instruction and representation.

17–20 SEP 2020

Small Auditorium
14:00 — 18:00

55€ Ticket price
25€ artists and collaborators GDA Foundation
Applications at until 8 september 
Limited to 15 participants

Target audience: performing arts, writting, students and professionals, and interested parties and young professionals in related areas.

BoCA Summer School 2020






Fundação GDA


Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, Fundação Millennium BCP

BoCA is a project supported by the Ministry of Culture / Directorate-General for the Arts

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