Territory #6

Territory #6

Territory #6

Curator: Catarina Laranjeiro e Daniel Barroca

In this project, a territory of relationships is summoned, populated by people and images, which has been formed through the research that the curators have carried out in the areas of art, cinema, and ethnographic work. The starting point is Fogo no Lodo, a film project carried out by the duo in Guinea-Bissau. This exhibition aims to expand that universe in time and space to areas and subjectivities that may even be strange to it, confronting various types of materiality and modes of production that create a cross between contemporary artefacts, produced in disparate geographies, and less inert materialities, capable of circulating in an agile and carefree way.

© Daniel Barroca. Lodo, 2023. © Catarina Laranjeiro e Daniel Barroca.

27 MAY
– 30 AUG 2024

Fidelidade Arte Lisboa
Free admission

24 MAY 10:00pm-midnight

MON-FRI 11:00am–7:00pm


Fidelidade Arte
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