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Vida Antiga


Vida Antiga

Once A Invenção do Dia Claro set sail in 2019 a lot happened in Capitão Fausto’s musical route, but their most vital moment yet might be their fifth album, planned for release by the end of 2023. Other than those big news, they stick to making, playing, and showing music. Capitão Fausto are a restless band made of restless musicians, one of them being Tomás Wallenstein, songwriter, lyricist, and inevitablefrontman.

During the pandemic, Wallenstein ventured into piano recitals made of his musical tastes and likings confessed to audiences. Creating an intimate atmosphere, he declared his passion for singer-songwriters, and carved a trail of music played with the heart. Ranging from classics such as Brazilian composer and poet Cartola or our own legendary Zeca Afonso, to new voices such as B Fachada and Luís Severo, with detours to revisit historical piano composers such as Satie or Debussy, Vida Antiga is a musical soirée for knowledge and emotions, but also a celebration of Wallenstein’s solo record chronicling his adventure outside the Faustian family.

Tomás Wallenstein - Vida Antiga
© Matilde Travassos.

24 FEB 2023
FRI 21:00

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Emílio Rui Vilar Auditorium
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Piano, voice

Tomás Wallenstein


Diogo Rodrigues


Rui Daniel

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