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Hang Em High

Hang Em High

Tres Testosterones

Hang Em High

Tres Testosterones

Commissioner: Pedro Costa

The music of this transnational trio (Swiss, Austrian and Polish) has been labelled power jazz and jazzcore, but there’s also a schizoid combination of melodic free jazz, punk, electronic environmentalism, a hint of cowboy music and some vague progressive rock. One clear reference is the band Morphine, re ected in Bond’s use of a two-string bass guitar. The di erences come later, with Lucien Dubuis playing bass and contrabass clarinet and Alfred Vogel’s drum set being composed of objects recovered from a scrap yard, all resulting in raw, spontaneous and intense music with dark undertones.

© Lukas Hammerle.

17 MAR 2018
SAT 21:30

Small Auditorium and Live streaming
Single Price 6€
Duration 1 hour

Baixo elétrico de 2 cordas, live electronics


Clarinete baixo e contrabaixo

Lucien Dubuis

Bateria, junk percussion

Alfred Vogel

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