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Fires, from Wajdi Mouawad

Fires, from Wajdi Mouawad

Victor de Oliveira

Fires, from Wajdi Mouawad

Victor de Oliveira

© Mauro Vombe.
© Mauro Vombe.
© Mauro Vombe.
© Mauro Vombe.
© Mauro Vombe.

Created in Maputo by Portuguese stage director Victor de Oliveira and Mozambican artists David Aguacheiro, Nandele Maguni and Caldino Perema, Fires has a cast of ten Mozambican actors, including the highly regarded Ana Magaia. Co-produced by Culturgest, it premièred in Maputo in August 2019.

The play begins with the death of Nawal, who, in her will, asks her twin children Joana and Simão to look for their father and brother, whom they never met, following their search for a terrible truth, hidden in a past marked by civil war in the far-off country from which their mother fled. 

Born in Maputo during the war of independence, Victor de Oliveira came to Portugal with his parents and studied theatre with Luís Miguel Cintra, João Brites and Fernanda Lapa, later settling in Paris. He has returned to Maputo on several occasions, giving lessons and presenting works. At Culturgest, he directed Pascal Rambert’s Love’s End. Fires marks Victor de Oliveira’s dual return to Maputo and Lisbon.

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13 DEC 2019
FRI 21:00

14 DEC 2019
SAT 19:00

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Emílio Rui Vilar Auditorium
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Duration 3h30 (approx.)

With intermission

Por motivos de força maior, a sessão com interpretação em Língua Gestual Portuguesa vai ser realizada no espetáculo As Virgens Suicidas.

Co-funded by the Creative Europe programme project Create to Connect, Create to Impact

Create do Connect


Wajdi Mouawad


Victor de Oliveira


Elliot Alex

Rita Couto

Horácio Guiamba

Bruno Huca

Ana Magaia

Alberto Magassela

Josefina Massango

Eunice Mandlate

Rogério Manjate

Sufaida Moiane


Nandele Maguni


David Aguacheiro

light design

Caldino Perema

costume design

Isis Mbaga


Centro Cultural Franco-Moçambicano (Maputo)



Le Grand T — Théâtre de Loire-Atlantique (Nantes)

Centre Dramatique National de l’Océan Indien (Ilha da Reunião)


Institut Français (Paris)

DAC Réunion (Ilha da Reunião)

Kinani - Plataforma Internacional de Dança Contemporânea (Maputo)

Théâtre National de La Colline (Paris)


En Votre Cie (Paris)

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