Virgin Suicides

John Romão
© Bruno Simão.
© Bruno Simão.
© Bruno Simão.

With its precise and clinical language, composed of mysterious and erotic details, Virgin Suicides is inspired upon the text with the same name by Jeffrey Eugenides, adapt to cinema in 1999 by Sofia Coppola, and the novella Mine-Haha by Frank Wedekind. Performed by Luísa Cruz, Vera Mantero, Mariana Tengner Barros and young gymnasts, the show portrays the education of a group of adolescent girls dedicated to physical education, theatre and dance. They live in an apparently idyllic environment, although they lead a cloistered life with a rigid routine. There is something disturbing going on between the walls of this place: besides the fact that the girls are suffering a life of absolute isolation, disconnected from the rest of the world, their submission to a severe physical discipline arouses in each of them a state of exception and violent wishes for annihilation. 

15 JAN 2020
WED 21:00

16 JAN 2020
THU 21:00

17 JAN 2020
FRI 21:00

18 JAN 2020
SAT 19:00

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Main Auditorium
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Duration 75 min (approx.)

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Subtitles in english

creation, DIRECTION

John Romão


Luísa Cruz

Mariana Tengner Barros

Vera Mantero

Carlos Lebre

Catarina Bertrand Torres

Cecília Borges

Inês Costa Graça

Mariana Cardoso

Margarida Caldeira


Mickael de Oliveira

light design

Rui Monteiro


Nicolai Sarbib


Solange Freitas

technical direction

Carlos Ramos

prodution, management

Patrícia Soares / Produção d'Fusão


Colectivo 84



Teatro Municipal do Porto

Cine-Teatro Avenida


Estúdios Victor Córdon

O Espaço do Tempo

Centro Coreográfico de Lisboa

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