Antónia Honrado, Carmo Batista, Eduardo Rovisco, Joane Leon Brandão, Júlia Coelho, Leonor Brito, Margarida Leal, Maria Faria, Micaela Dixon, Miguel Ferreira, Teresa Alcobia, Tomás Saraiva, Martim Morais

ENTRAR is a group of people who gather around a proposal for an occupation. We think, together, about contemporary art – especially the one that inhabits, like us, Culturgest. We think with one foot inside and the other outside of a cultural institution: it is also what allows us to criticize and disobey with intelligence. We don't write rules, but we like to deconstruct them. We invent words and unlearn others. We want to be More. But not many. It matters less how many we are than the diversity of baggage and experiences we bring to offer each other. We want to find new ways of thinking together. Do you want to think about what place can contemporary culture serve? We want to have these conversations and others. With you. Together.

Registrations Closed

OUT 2022 – FEV 2023

Vários espaços da Culturgest

Participação gratuita

Duração: 90 min

Encontros semanais às SEX, 17:00-18:30

Vagas limitadas

(+351) 21 761 90 78

Age guidance: 15 - 19 anos

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