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Rodrigo Amado, Joe McPhee, Kent Kessler & Chris Corsano

This is our language Quartet
© Larry Fink.

In 2015, with This Is Our Language, Rodrigo Amado gave us a line-up we hoped would be continued. In 2018, A History of Nothing did us this favour, satisfying the aspirations of the musicians themselves, certainly delighted with the music they were creating in their recordings and concerts. Viewed as one of the albums to remember, A History of Nothing showed us a quartet eager to expand their experiences. Everything seems to work better and faster, with each musician clearly understanding their particular role, and, above all, that of their partner: Amado and McPhee, with their different styles and emotions, are particularly happy in this creative partnership; Kessler and Corsano form a rhythmic powerhouse full of authority and invention. We believe the four musicians will show this same energy on stage during the Lisbon leg of their European tour, offering us the privilege of seeing some of Rodrigo Amado’s most beautiful photographs, in an exclusive and previously unseen visual work.


31 OCT 2019
THU 21:00

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tenor SAX

Rodrigo Amado

trUmpet, sax

Joe McPhee


Kent Kessler 


Chris Corsano

Rodrigo Amado / Joe Mcphee / Chris Corsano / Kent Kessler @ Jazzhouse, CPH
Rodrigo Amado / Joe Mcphee / Chris Corsano / Kent Kessler @ Jazzhouse, CPH
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