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Alicia Kopf

Speculative Intimacy

Alicia Kopf

Speculative Intimacy

Curator: Bruno Marchand

The name of Alicia Kopf – the pseudonym of Imma Ávalos (born, Girona, 1982) – burst onto the international cultural circuits with the publication of Brother in Ice, in 2016. The book dispenses with a conventional narrative and includes in its pages other elements besides just words. Pictures, drawings, diagrams or maps are joined by WhatsApp messages, excerpts from scientific articles or information captured online, involving us in a creative web in which multifarious research gives rise to reflections that generate meanings, which in turn end up generating a work.

Alicia Kopf also produces other objects – drawings, photographs, videos – which are yet further offshoots from the same impulse that leads her to write. They are things that form part of the same stories, but which, as Kopf knows, cannot be read – but only seen, felt and experienced. Once they have been arranged in a space, these objects weave webs of sensitive relations that we have grown used to calling “exhibitions”. The one that Alicia Kopf has brought to the “Chain Reaction” cycle extends her interest in the themes of conquest and communication, with stress being placed on the progressive digitalisation of our experiences of intimacy, sharing and love.

– 2 MAY 2021

Culturgest Porto
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