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AMPLA 2024

AMPLA 2024

The best movies from the main national festivals

AMPLA 2024

The best movies from the main national festivals

AMPLA returns to Culturgest for its 3rd edition with a selection of films awarded in 2023 at the main national festivals, such as Curtas Vila do Conde, IndieLisboa, MOTELX, MONSTRA, Queer Lisboa, and among others. Is, therefore, an opportunity to see what is considered the best national and international cinema today, in a transversal program that brings together short and feature-length fiction, documentary, horror, and animation films, without overlooking sessions aimed at younger audiences (also open to schools) .

To be as inclusive as possible, all films are shown with descriptive subtitles, interpretation in Portuguese Sign Language, and Audio Description, inviting everyone to enjoy the sessions. There are also some relaxed sessions that take place in a more relaxed environment. Alongside, there will be a stop motion workshop and a debate on inclusion in the cinema.

© Quase me Lembro, by Dimitri Mihajlovic, Miguel Lima, Portugal, 2023. Best Film Award (National Competition) | CINANIMA / Best Animation Award | Caminhos do Cinema Português.
© Mal Viver, by João Canijo, Portugal and France, 2023. Best Portuguese Feature Film Award | IndieLisboa.
© The Birthday Party, de Francesco Sossai, Alemanha, França, Itália, 2023. Prémio / Grande Prémio Competição Internacional | Curtas Vila do Conde.
© Mate, de George-Alex Nagle, Austrália, 2021. Prémio / Melhor Curta Metragem | Festival de Cinema de Avanca.
© Our Uniform, de Yegane Moghaddam, 2023. Prémio / Grande Prémio CINANIMA Curtas-metragens | CINANIMA.
© Hotel Kalura, de Sophie Koko Gate, Reino Unido, 2022. Prémio Melhor Curta de Animação | IndieLisboa.
© The Diamond, de Vedran Repuc, Suécia, 2022. Prémio do Público (Melhor Curta-Metragem) | IndieLisboa.
© Dildotectónica, de Tomás Paula Marques, Portugal, 2023. Prémio / Melhor Curta-Metragem Portuguesa | IndieLisboa / Melhor Documentário | Caminhos do Cinema Português.
© Dog-Apartment, de Priit Tender, Estónia, 2022. Prémio / Melhor Animação | Festival de Cinema de Avanca / Grande Prémio MONSTRA - Curtas-Metragens | MONSTRA.
© The Veiled City, de Natalie Cubides-Brady, Reino Unido, 2022. Prémio Melhor Documentário | Curtas Vila do Conde.
© Natureza Humana, de Mónica Lima, Portugal, Alemanha, 2023. Prémio / Melhor Filme Nacional | Curtas Vila do Conde / Público | Curtas Vila do Conde.
© Paradise, de Alexander Abaturov.
© Gangrena, de Gil-Toresano Fernández, Espanha, 2022.  Prémio MOTELX - Melhor Curta de Terror Europeia / MOTELX.
© Megalomaniac, de Karim Quelhaj, Bélgica, Noruega, 2022. Prémio / Grande Prémio Melhor Filme | Fantasporto.
© O Carrossel, de Augusto Schillaci, Argentina, EUA, Canadá 2022. Prémio / Melhor Filme Secção Curtinhas | Curtas Vila do Conde.
© A Cookie's Adventure, de érémie Amicone, Alexis Bleusez, Iléana Borzan, Myriam Lecomte, Zoé Rivera, Margot Lemasçon, Camille Triponney, RomainTersigni, Alexis Bleusez, França, 2022. Prémio FESTinha #Sub12 | FEST.
© Swing to the Moon, de Marie Bordessoule, Adriana Bouissie, Nadine de Boer, Elisa Drique, Chloé Lauzu, Vincent Levrero, Solenne Moreau, França, 2022. Prémio FESTinha #Sub10 | FEST.
© A Rainha das Raposas, de Marina Rosset, Suiça, 2022. Prémio do Público - COMPETIÇÃO MONSTRINHA | MONSTRA.
© Moules-Frites, de Nicolas Hu, França, 2021. Prémio do Público IndieJúnior | IndieLisboa.
© Uma Rapariga Imaterial, de André Godinho, Portugal, 2022. Prémio / Melhor Filme - Competição Curtas-Metragens | Queer Lisboa / Do Público - Competição Curtas-Metragens | Queer Lisboa.
© A Los Libros y a Las Mujeres Canto, de María Elorza, Espanha, 2022. Prémio / Melhor Filme da Competição Internacional | Porto/Post/Doc.
© Cerrar Los Ojos, de Victor Erice, Espanha, Argentina, 2023. Prémio Melhor Filme LEFFEST | LEFFEST.



Quase me Lembro, by Dimitri Mihajlovic and Miguel Lima
2023 * Animation * Portugal * 9 min

Mal Viver, by João Canijo
2023 * Fiction * France and Portugal * 128 min


-The Birthday Party, by Francesco Sossai
2023 * Fiction * Germany, France, Italy * 17 min

Mate, by George-Alex Nagle
2021 * Fiction * Australia * 33 min

Our Uniform, by Yegane Moghaddam  
2023 * Anamation * Iran * 7 min

Hotel Kaluraby Sophie Koko Gate
2022 * Animation * United Kingdom * 5 min * 

The Diamond, by Vedran Rupic
2022 * Fiction * Sweden * 14 min

Dildotectónica, by Tomás Paula Marques
2023 * Fiction, Documentary * Portugal * 16 min

Dog-Apartment, by Priit Tender
2022 * Animation * Estonia * 14 min

The Veiled City, by Natalie Cubides-Brady
2022 * Documentary * United Kingdom * 13 min

2 MAR 6:00pm | SHORT + LONG 

Natureza Humana, by Mónica Lima
2023 * Fiction * Portugal, Germany * 25 min

Paradise, by Alexander Abaturov
2022 * Documentary * France, Switzerland * 89 min

2 MAR - 9:00pm | HORROR 

Gangrena, by Gil-Toresano Fernández
2022 * Ficção * Espanha * 10 min

Megalomaniac, by Karim Quelhaj
2022 * Fiction * Belgium, Norway * 118 min

SCHOOLS | 1 MAR - 10:30am e 14:30pm
FAMILYS | 3 MAR - 11:30am

O Carrossel, by Augusto Schillaci
2022 * Animation * Argentina, USA, Canada * 9 min

A Cooke's Adventure, by Jérémie Amicone, Alexis Bleusez, Iléana Borzan, Myriam Lecomte, Zoé Rivera, Margot Lemasçon, Camille Triponney RomainTersigni and Alexis Bleusez 
2022 * Animation * France* 7 min

Swing to the Moon, by Marie Bordessoule, Adriana Bouissie, Nadine de Boer, Elisa Drique, Chloé Lauzu, Vincent Levrero, Solenne Moreau  
2022 * Animation * France* 7 min

A Rainha das Raposas, by Marina Rosset
2022 * Animation * Switzerland* 9 min

Moules-Frites, by Nicolas Hu
2021 * Animation * France* 26 min

3 MAR 3:00pm | SHORT+LONG

Uma Rapariga Imaterial, by André Godinho
2022 * Fiction * Portugal * 42 min

A Los Libros y a Las Mujeres Canto, by María Elorza
2022 * Documentary * Spain * 72 min


Cerrar Los Ojos, by Victor Erice
2023 * Fiction * Spain, Argentina * 169 min.

© Still from Natureza Humana, by Mónica Lima.

1–3 MAR 2024

Buy Tickets
Small Auditorium and Room 2
4€ (discounts available)
M/12 (with exceptions in the program)

2€ until the age of 18
Free for those accompanying people who are blind, have low vision or use wheelchairs.

Accessibility + info

Audio description

An additional commentary aimed at people with visual impairments (blind and low vision) referring to body language, expressions and movements. It is a resource used in television, film, theatre, dance, opera, music concerts, visual arts and museum visits of all kinds. It consists of a narrator who describes during the presentation or visit, during the natural pauses in the audio, what cannot be perceived through listening. Sometimes, when absolutely necessary, the audio describer speaks during dialogues.

Portuguese Sign Language (LGP)

The language through which a large part of the deaf community in Portugal (about 30,000 people) communicates. LGP is also used by the larger community – Deaf people’s relatives  (the word capitalised refers to the person who speaks LGP), educators, teachers, technicians, among others. The expression "sign language" refers to the mother tongue of a community of Deaf people. Sign languages are natural languages, which arise and develop naturally, like spoken languages. This language is produced by movements of the hands, body and facial expressions and its reception is visual. It has its own vocabulary and grammar.

Relaxed sessions

Theatre, dance and cinema sessions or any other type of cultural offer that take place in a more relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and with more tolerant rules regarding movement and noise in the room. They can also involve small adjustments in a performance (lighting, sound, etc.) and in the reception of the public, to better adapt to their needs. They are aimed at all people and families who prefer or benefit from a more relaxed environment in a cultural space (for example, people with attention deficit, people with intellectual disabilities, people in the autism spectrum, people with sensory or communication disabilities). Relaxed sessions seek to reduce anxiety levels and make the experience more pleasant. They are a collaboration between theatres, artistic teams, parents, caregivers and companions, so that everyone can enjoy the same show.



Accessibility Features

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