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Opening the book of sounds

Bernardo Álvares, Helena Espvall, Joana da Conceição, Norberto Lobo, Pedro Melo Alves, Violeta Azevedo
Hans Otte.

By introducing The Book of Sounds in the Main Auditorium, we aim to unfold the strength, importance and impact of Hans Otte's music in a series of solo pieces commissioned from a group of Lisbon based musicians. Norberto Lobo, Helena Espvall, Bernardo Álvares, Violeta Azevedo, Pedro Melo Alves e Joana da Conceição adapted the Book of Sounds to their own instruments and musical languages showing us how far a master piece enables us to travel and to dream.

This six-piece solo concert tribute compilation will only be shown online as a motion picture film.


10 OCT 2020
SAT 21:00


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Opening the book of sounds
Opening the book of sounds
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