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Capitão Fausto

Subida Infinita

Capitão Fausto

Subida Infinita

We can only admire them from a distance, but it’s impossible not to feel the pain of this stage in the life of Capitão Fausto. Losing a member of a group of friends who since adolescence, seem to have created an eternal pact of creative musical sharing, must be a difficult moment of questioning and overcoming. And if up until now everything was done together, the farewell was also attended by Francisco, helping everyone to overcome this infinite climb that has celebrated a togetherness which in its essence is unshakable. However, in the descent into reality, Capitão Fausto from now on will be a quartet. And they visit Culturgest not for three, but four concerts that will help soften the pain of this unexpected goodbye and hide the shock of the way these boys heroically decided to deal with this transformation — after all, we always talk about transformation to avoid talking about something that ends, even when we know that something always (re)starts.

Capitão Fausto - Nuvem Negra
© Matilde Travassos.

02 APR 2024
TUE 21:00

03 APR 2024
WED 21:00

04 APR 2024
THU 21:00

05 APR 2024
FRI 21:00

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Vocals, guitar, piano

Tomás Wallenstein


Domingos Coimbra

Guitar, keyboards

Manuel Palha

Drums, percussions

Salvador Seabra

Sound technician

Diogo “Horse” Rodrigues

Stage sound technician

Manuel San Payo

Lighting technician

Rui Daniel

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