Christmas Holiday Workshop

On the way to 2020
© Patrícia Blázquez.

Fernanda Fragateiro has built a fortress of wood, steel and mirrors specifically for children, a large closed box in the galleries of Culturgest. What liesinside?

Caixa para Guardar o Vazio (2005) is a sculpture, but also an event, challenging the audience, individually or together, to discover the place with their bodies and senses. The box is activated by the bodies of two dancers, in dialogue with each other and with the audience, leading everyone to look, dance, interpret, discover and feel.


18–20 DEC 2019

Online Registration
Rooms 3 to 6
10:00 - 13:00 or 14:30 - 17:30
Duration 3 mornings or 3 afternoons


6–12 anos

Single price 30€


Nuno Bernardo, Patrícia Freire, Sílvia Real, Susana Alves

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