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Michael Snow

The Sound of Snow
© Mani Mazinani.

Michael Snow began playing piano professionally in jazz bands in the late 1940s. He was later involved with the development of free playing in Jazz, commissioning Albert Ayler and others to play on the soundtrack for his 1964 film New York Eye and Ear Control. Since the 1960's, he has been playing in free improvisation ensembles. In 1974, he co-founded Toronto's Music Gallery and the CCMC, which was the resident band until the early 2000's. CCMC has released numerous records, tapes and CDs, toured internationally and continues to perform. He has also composed music, sometimes for recorded media, such as Music for Piano, Whistling, Microphone and Tape Recorder (1975), The Last LP (1987) and for live performance, such as Hue Chroma Tint (1999) for the Burdocks Ensemble and EVE (2016) a solo piano work for Eve Egoyan. In 2000, a 3-CD box-set of selections of his recorded solo piano work was released as Snow Solo Piano Solo Snow – 3 Phases. Recently, he has given solo piano performances in Tokyo and in Vienna, which is the subject of a concert film entitled Snow In Vienna. A new orchestral composition will be premiered by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in 2018.

22 FEB 2018
THU 21:30

Small Auditorium
Single price 6€
Duration 30–40 minutes


Michael Snow

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