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Connor Scott

Connor Scott


Connor Scott


Everyone is briefly supended from the floor, simultaneously going up and coming down. A disappearance of the self occurs whilst suspended and our hope not to return to the ground appears    

'POOF' hypnotises itself through continually shifting its ground. Shapeshifting between fictioning, labouring and dancing, the work invokes a slippery place of (non) arrival in the body as a tool to disappear.    

Through a practice of minding and mining our presence, we attend to the periphery by putting our attention into drag. 'POOF' behaves as a mirage dancing from gesture to jump and dwells on the ephemerality of the dance whilst rhythmically reminding us of our tethers to memories and histories that we feel but don't know  

It is a work built and fuelled on notions of not naming in order to see. ‘POOF’ is a word used to describe a sudden disappearance or in British slang, it is a term to describe na effeminate homosexual  


© DR. "The Newbiggin sword dancers in 1925.".

06 JUL 2023
THU 20:30

08 JUL 2023
SAT 20:30

Garage Culturgest
Free admission*
Duration 1h15min

*with ticket pick up beginning at 4:30pm.

Criação e direção

Connor Scott

Colaboradores criativos e performers

Bibi Dória, Inês Pinheiro, Victor Lattaque, Lorea Burge, Emily Da Silva, Estrellx Supernova e Bruno Brandolino

Luz e Som

Santiago Tricot


Partitura original com Ana Ferreira & Francisco Silva


Inês Zinho Pinheiro


Duarte Amado, Yagiz Akin, João Dos Santos Martins, Alex Cassal, Sofia Dias e Vítor Roriz, Forum Dança e artistas do PACAP 6

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