Daniel Christian Wahl

Economy and Regenerative Cultures

We will present Daniel Christian Wahl's live streaming conference on how to redesign the human impact on Earth. You can see at Culturgest's Facebook and Youtube

Wahl's stance, as a biologist and sustainable development expert, is that even before the new coronavirus pandemic capitalism no longer worked for the majority of the world’s populations. He maintains that the menace we are enduring confirms how fragile the international trade currently is and asserts the need to return to a regenerative and collaborative economy, one that is local, and close to regions and people. Would a new paradigm enable us to become more resistant to the test that the recent Coronavirus ordeal presents to global economy?

Daniel Christian Wahl is one of the most influential people in the theory and practice of preserving the equilibrium of our terrestrial ecosystem. He works internationally as a consultant and educator in regenerative development, whole systems design and transformative innovation.

This lecture accompanies the launch of the Portuguese version of his most recent and highly acclaimed book Designing Regenerative Cultures, published by Bambual.

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27 MAR
– 26 JUL 2020

Live streaming
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Duration 2h

In english

part of the program

Lisboa Capital Verde Europeia

Co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union

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Daniel Christian Wahl - live streaming
Daniel Christian Wahl - live streaming
Book launch Designing Regenerative Cultures, Goethe Institut, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Book launch Designing Regenerative Cultures, Goethe Institut, Sao Paulo, Brazil
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