This is a past event.

the world at home

the world at home

the world at home

The last few weeks have been odd for all of us. Culturgest is closed and everything went silent. Since March 12, we have been working from home.

We are set on creating a way to stay close: over the next few weeks we will see more of the future by going through the past, we will incite new conversations, watch shows, listen to conferences, revisit exhibitions.

Follow our online programme every week on social media: FacebookInstagram and YouTube. And stay at home.


International Theatre Day
100% Lisbon, from Rimini Protokoll


Conference Economy and regenerative cultures
with Daniel Christian Wahl


Conference with artist, choreographer and dancer Steve Paxton

14—18 APRIL

Virtual tour to the exhibition Reading solves: Álvaro Lapa and literature
with the curator Óscar Faria


Conference The right to sadness, today
with Ana Cardoso Oliveira and Sónia Baptista


Internacional Dance Day
Cesena, from Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker / Rosas & Björn Schmelzer / graindelavoix

4—8 MAY

Conference Frontiers with Achille Mbembe

A house full of world: Álvaro Lapa and the Right to Sadness
A house full of world

27 MAR
– 23 JUL 2020

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