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Gótico Português


Gótico Português

Their punk attitude and rebellious irreverence secured them a spot in the Barcelos garage rock scene at the start of the previous decade. And then in 2018 we met a new incarnation of Glockenwise. Plástico wasn’t just their album that marked a ‘before’ and ‘after’, or even their best one out of four up to that point – it is a recognized, unmissable masterpiece that shows maturity and intelligence, a case of polished pop as we rarely listen. And while before Glockenwise seemed to gaze at the world from their hometown, aiming above all to escape – in literal and poetic sense – now they show a new appreciation for their geographical spot with its aesthetical boundaries, perceiving it as a territory infused with tradition, cultural expression and oddities galore.

Gótico Português comes therefore from some sort of undefined location neither at the centre nor the margins, but rather observing one and the other with an ambiguity born out of the uncertain times we are living.

At that newfoundland of indecisiveness where creativity has a touch of the unlikely, Glockenwise prove their genius once again with a collection of songs that are vital to our times.

Glockenwise - Margem
© Renato Cruz Santos.

12 MAY 2023
FRI 21:00

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Emílio Rui Vilar Auditorium
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Antena 3Rádio Futura

Voice, guitar

Nuno Rodrigues


Rafael Ferreira

Electric bass

Rui Fiusa


Cláudio Tavares

Guitar, keyboard, choir

Gil Amado


Sérgio Bastos


Álvaro Ramos


José Carlos Mendes

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