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Ananya Kabir

Mundu Nôbu in creolization: Remembering as world making

We regret to inform you that prof. Hamady Bocoum cannot be present for health reasons. Instead, Ananya Kabir professor at King’s College London will present the Mundu Nobu conference on Mundu Nobu in creolization: Remembering as world making.


Professor of English Literature at King’s College London. She researches the intersection of the written text with other forms of cultural expression within acts of collective memorialization and forgetting. Through an ERC Advanced Grant (2013-2018), she led ‘Modern Moves’, an interdisciplinary investigation into African-heritage social dance and music. For her innovative work in the Humanities, she received the Infosys Humanities Prize (2018), awarded by the Infosys Science Foundation, India, and the Humboldt Forschungspreis (Humboldt Prize, 2018), awarded by the Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung, Germany. She is currently writing ‘Alegropolitics: Connecting on the Afromodern Dance Floor.’ Her new research projects explore further the concepts of transoceanic creolization through cultural production across the Atlantic and Indian Ocean worlds. She loves the challenge of working across languages and genres. The role of pleasure in inflecting the politics of cultural production remains a long-standing interest through various specialisations she has undertaken, from the medieval to the postcolonial periods.

The conference's program is available here.


11 DEC 2019
WED 18:30

Small Auditorium and Live streaming
Free entry*

In english without simultaneous translation
Duration 90 min

*Subject to availability. Tickets available on the day from 18:00 at the ticket-office

Annaya Kabir: I am a global citizen
Annaya Kabir: I am a global citizen
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