The End of Portuguese Colonialism

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André Amálio in The End of Portuguese Colonialism invites us to explore seven years of research into Portuguese colonialism, resulting from his work with the Hotel Europa theatre company and his PhD thesis Rewriting history through postcolonial documentary theatre. Amálio interviewed more than 100 people who lived through the colonial period, collecting maps, books, videos, family photographs and war documents. Now, all the material that he gathered together is shared in a documentary installation and a performance lasting 13 hours.

The installation is thought of as a work space that can be appropriated by the audience, whether to organise a lesson on the theme, launch a public discussion, study the available collection, or just visit. 

The marathon The End of Portuguese Colonialism presents a kaleidoscopic vision of history, interpreting memories and testimonies. Thirteen uninterrupted hours of theatre to think Portuguese colonialism and 13 years of liberation wars. 

05 OCT 2019
SAT 11:00–00:00

Salas 4, 5, 6
Single price 6€
Duration 13h

SAT 11:00 – 0:00*

*During this period it is allowed to enter and exit the rooms


To reserve the space at no cost for an event on the subject, please e-mail us to

Co-funded by Creative Europe Programme

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André Amálio


Tereza Havlíčková


Maria João Castelo

LIGHT DESIGN, technical direction

Joaquim Madaíl


Hotel Europa



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